TVR Griffith Parts - Wiper motor upgraded (TVR M0195 MOT)

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    TVR M0195 MOT

    Wiper motor upgraded

    Replacement upgraded wiper motor to fit Griffith, Cerbera and Chimaeras (the latter up to 1999). We have developed a totally new upgraded wiper motor which is a direct replacement for the standard Lucas 29 watt 12 volt motor. This new motor is a significant upgrade on the earlier Lucas unit as it has 2 sealed ball bearing races instead of the basic bushes in the Lucas unit as well as upgraded windings, magnets, brush plate and worm gear. This motor is entirely new with no parts reused from the old Lucas motor. Simply strip your Lucas wiper motor from the gearbox and remove the unwanted sperical bush from the wiper gearbox casing and bolt the new motor in place and connect the correctly coloured wiring to the park switch. This motor has been tested for extended periods and working at fast speed on a dry windscreen without issue. Silent, powerful and built for a long lifetime this is a great replacement motor. If the wiper motor on your Chimaera is visible under the bonnet then this is the correct motor for your TVR. The latest version of this motor has a reduced length of 95mm which should ease fitment for some Cerberas where the heating pipes run very close to the wiper motor.

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