The Two-Sixties Group

The Two-Sixties Group

A warm welcome to the Two Sixties Owners Club. Soon after the collapse of MG Rover in April 2005, it was evident there was going to be no support for the unique and very rare Ford V8-driven MGR car, so one of the ways open to us was to look for other owners to provide mutual support.

As enthusiasts of the big V8 we began to mull over the idea of beginning a group that would be dedicated to the V8. It was also important that both V8 marks were part of the set up so again from the outset, both the Rover 75 V8 and the MG ZT260 were part of the Group.

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In November 2006 the Two Sixties went ‘live’ with our first foray into a forum-run group. It was decided that our main operation would be e-based as this was going to be the best way to communicate.

Setting up the foundations of the group meant organising the best knowledge base possible while it was still fresh in people’s minds. So, Tim Hayton set about talking to the likes of Roger Parker, Nic Faci, Andy Kitson, Brian Luti, Mark Lewis and Richard Monk. Within a few months of the creation of the Group the Two Sixties had become the leading resource of all things relating to the modern MGR V8, and by aligning with the MGOC had made sure the longer-term viability and credibility amount the wider MG community was set.

Two Sixties Car Club

The membership has grown from just over 100 at the start of November 2006 to 2,363 members as of April 2024. The membership consists of owners, ex-owners and people with an interest in the V8’s. Our owner base represents 75% of the total production of 883 for the ZT and R75. Not many car enthusiast groups can say that! The membership is also truly global with the furthest being in New Zealand and Australia.

We have a small number of members who have taken the opportunity through Dreadnaught and Retro Sports Cars to install superchargers into our cars producing between 385 and 440 bhp depending on using the Roush or Kenne Bell supercharger. Interestingly at the point of MGR’s collapse, there was only one supercharged production ZT400.

With such a collection of people, we have been fortunate to have the ability to continue to develop the car and source/deal with spare parts as they become an issue. Our shop can provide exchange service on the differential, and sub frames. Replacements and improvements on the OEM heater hose, heater valve and front and rear shock absorbers to name a few items.

We have a presence on the web via our forum and two Facebook pages. One for members only and one for all who have an interest in the MG ZT260 and Rover 75 V8.

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