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MG, short for Morris Garages, was a classic British sports car brand that has been captivating automotive enthusiasts since the 1920s. People love MG cars for their sleek design, nimble handling, and impressive performance, which made them a favourite of drivers and racers alike, and they remain an icon of the automotive world today.

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Motaclan has joined the MGCC Advantage Scheme to offer exclusive benefits to MGCC members, extending the broadest range of parts available for the MG Marque-covering everything from A TO ZT!

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In addition, any customer spending over £1,000 in a year will also benefit from the free MGCC membership the following year! With The MG Car Club Membership.

The MG Car Club is the original club for MG owners, based in the heart of MG country, Abingdon in Oxfordshire. We are a not for profit organisation, with nine staff, and a worldwide membership of 50,000 enthusiasts. We welcome every type of MG, from the very first cars to the very latest.

The MGCC was formed in 1930 by a group of enthusiasts who met for their first meeting at the Roebuck Inn in Hertfordshire. Soon afterwards the MGCC was taken into the Abingdon factory. Our strong factory connections mean we possess a wealth of historical material at our headquarters.

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