MG was started in the 1920s by Cecil Kimber. It is claimed that “MG” took its name from the initials of Morris Garages, which comes from the name of William Morris’s private retail sales and service company that Cecil Kimber joined as Sales Manager in 1921 and became General Manager in 1922.

The M.G. Car Company Limited was the manufacturer that later made the brand famous, however MG underwent many changes in ownership over the years. The earliest model was the 1924 MG 14/28 and consisted of a sporting body on a Morris Oxford chassis.

However, the first car that can be truly described as a new MG, rather than a modified Morris, was the MG 18/80, built from 1928. MG produced a line of cars known as the T-Series Midgets, which post-WW2 were exported globally.

These included the MG TC, MG TD, and MG TF. The MGB was released in 1962 to satisfy a demand for a modern and comfortable car and in 1965 the fixed-head coupé followed, known as the MGB GT.

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