MG Rover

MG Rover was formed after the collapse of Birmingham-based Rover and produced a range of popular cars, including the MG ZR, MG ZS, and MG TF. The company was known for its innovative engineering and affordable prices.

Today, MG Rovers are seen as a classic example of British engineering and design, known for their sporty and stylish design, coupled with exceptional performance and reliability, these cars were designed to provide drivers with a thrilling driving experience, both on the road and on the track. With a strong legacy in motorsports, classic MG Rover cars continue to captivate car enthusiasts and collectors alike.

The Rover 75 was the first vehicle in the line-up, and it quickly became popular due to its spacious interior, smooth ride, and good fuel efficiency. The car was available in both saloon and estate models and came with a range of petrol and diesel engines.
In 2001, MG Rover introduced the MG ZT, which was a sportier version of the Rover 75. The car was designed to appeal to drivers who wanted a more exciting driving experience and had a bolder design and was fitted with larger wheels and a more powerful engine.
In 2004, MG Rover introduced the MG ZT-T, which was an estate version of the MG ZT. This car was designed to provide drivers with the practicality of an estate car and the performance of a sports car. The ZT-T came with a spacious boot and a range of engines, including a powerful V8.
Today, the Rover 75 and MG ZT and ZT-T are considered to be classics.

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