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The Metro Owners Club

The Austin mini Metro was launched on the 8th October 1980, as a ‘British car to beat the world’ and, by the time production ceased in 1998, over 2 million cars were made. Today, probably less than 1% of these cars survive.

The Metro Owners Club officially formed in February 2009 as a group of enthusiasts celebrating a fantastic little car. We cover everything from 1980-1998, welcoming Austin, MG and Rover Metros as well as the Rover 100. We whole-heartedly welcome all Metro and 100 owners; whether you own a perfectly preserved original example, a well-loved and well-used daily or a modified masterpiece, if you love these cars as much as us then you’ll fit right in.

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As a paid-up member, you get access to a members only section on our forum (registration for the forum is separate – please follow the link in the ‘forum’ tab), the opportunity to display your vehicle with the club at many shows covered by the club’s public liability insurance and access to discounts with some insurers, not to mention the vast technical knowledge held by members and a great community spirit.

Number plates dating from 1963 to 2001 have a two letter code giving the location of first registration. The year of registration can also be worked out from the number plate, given by the last letter or “suffix” (1963-1983) or the first letter or “prefix” (1983-2001). For the majority of plates, there is one letter per year but two letters were used per year for the late 1990s.  Tables at the bottom of this page give the location codes and the year registered.

On plates from 1963-1983 the second and third letters give the location code. For example the plate below was registered in Chester, given by CA. The Y at the end shows it was registered between August 1982 and July 1983.

Metro Owners Club Motaclan

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