Rover Club De France

Rover Club De France

The “Rover Club de France” was created in June 1989 under the name “British Classic Cars & Rover Club de France” (BCCRC) to bring together Rover owners residing in France, the club also brings together other British classics meeting the same lifestyle and the same design of the automobile but marginalized by their low diffusion in our country.

The club thus developed by bringing together, around the Rover and Land-Rover, the Bristol, Daimler (before 1963), Jensen, Sunbeam-Talbot, Vanden Plas and their half-sisters Austin-Princess as well as the extremely rare Armstrong -Siddeley.

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In February 2019, during its annual general meeting, the club adopted the name “Rover Club de France” to better illustrate its positioning vis-à-vis the long ship brand, whose vehicles now represent more than 90% of the club’s membership.

Rover Club de France

Objectives of Rover Club De France:

  • Unite French owners and bring together enthusiasts around the above-mentioned brands.
  • Maintain permanent contacts with the “motherland” and with the network of European clubs to deal with technical problems and for the organization of international friendly meetings.
  • Facilitate the maintenance and restoration of our cars, in particular through cooperation between our members and the gradual establishment of a network of privileged partners.
  • To promote awareness and appreciation of the British automobile, and Rover in particular. We have encouraged the publication, in the specialized press, of as many files, studies or tests as possible and regularly participate in the Rétromobile and Automédon shows in Paris, as well as in provincial shows such as Epoqu’Auto in Lyon.

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