TVR Cerbera V8 Parts - Fuel supply hose 4.2 Cerbera (TVR L0197 RG)

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    TVR L0197 RG

    Fuel supply hose 4.2 Cerbera

    Uprated stainless steel braided fuel supply hose. This is the fuel supply hose that goes on the fuel pipe from the tank to the fuel rail on the engine. The termination of the fuel pipe from the tank is under the wiper motor on the 4.2 V8 Cerberas. This pipe has a crimped fitting on each end. The standard part is obsolete from TVR. The equivalent hose for the 4.5 Cerbera is TVR L0405. The original TVR hose has a tendency to crack so please check carefully as failure can lead to a significant fire.

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