TVR Chimaera Engine & Ancillaries - Idle stepper motor (TVR E0121)

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TVR E0121

Idle stepper motor

OE idle stepper motor for Rover V8 engined TVRs. This is the idle stepper motor or idle control valve for the TVR Chimaera ,TVR Griffith and V8S. This valve takes its control signal from the engine management system and moderates the engine idling speed depending on different conditions or loads. During the warm up cycle it allows more air to pass to give increased idling while the engine is cold. It can become dirty and sticky resulting in erratic idling. Cleaning can help but ultimately it will require replacing to ensure reliability! The tightening torque of this component is 12lbs ft. This OE idle stepper motor comes with set up instruction sheet. Great price on this original part especially if you are a TVR Car Club member!

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