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TVR parts

The team at Motaclan are excited to be able to offer you further updates on available TVR parts.

Following our acquisition of Parts For TVRs from Racing Green at the end of last year we have been working hard to ensure continued and improved availability of stock by bringing back previously out of stock parts and sourcing additional parts that TVR owners have requested.

Today, you can order parts via the website which will be swiftly processed and despatched from our warehouse in Birmingham. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on x or email x

We continue to work on obtaining TVR parts and getting them in to stock for you and below is a quick update on progress and links to order parts online.

Parts that have recently come back into stock and are now available to order:

TVR J0088 brake servo

TVR Q0365 RG clutch kit

TVR Q kit400 clutch kit

TVR Q kit500 clutch kit

TVR KIT127 poly suspension bush kit

TVR KIT129 Poly suspension bush kit

TVR KIT128 poly differential bush kit

TVR BHK001 brake hose kit chimaera and Griffith

TVR P0031 Air conditioning trinary switches

TVR N0126 oil pressure transducer

TVR E6559 oil pressure transducer

Back in stock very soon:

TVR E6028 kit tappet shim kit

And back in stock by the end of March, I’m sure you will be as excited about these as we are, windscreens!

TVR U0356 – Chimaera and Griffith

TVR U1517 – Tuscan

TVR U2559 – Sagaris

Plus, brake discs:

And finally, radiators for Chimaera and Griffith:

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