Speedo transducer, ultra high specification - TVR M1889 RG

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TVR M1889 RG

Speedo transducer, ultra high specification

Upgraded speedo sensor for the later TVRs . This sensor can be used on many engine management situations where an open collector output is required from a sensor reading from a steel gear tooth. This sensor is also used for cam timing on the Syvecs engine management package where it reads off a single bolt head and feeds this timing information back to the ECU. The air gap should be set to 20-28 thou to give good readings with the flats in the thread set in the horizontal plane.It may, in some very rare circumstances, require the hole in the mounting bracket enlarging.It comes with a wiring diagram to explain the component and these should be connected as follows;12v ign (red on sensor) to the green wire, earth to the black wire and sensor output(green on sensor) to the grey wire(colours refer to the vehicle harness).Please call if you need more information.

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