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TVR D0939

Shock absorber

Bilstein OE rear shock absorber. To fit Tuscan/Tamora/T350.This is the current specification Bilstein O.E. shock absorber to replace the original H.B. units. Must be fitted with TVR D0368 White road springs and must be fitted in pairs. They are compatable with the originals if replaced in axle sets. Not supplied with bushes; requires 2 x C0092 bushes. This is now the recommended part number for the rear shock absorbers for all TVR Tuscans, including Tuscan S, manufactured up to August 2005, and TVR T350 and Tamora. It is not the correct part number for the rear shock absorber of TVR Tuscan or TVR Tuscan S manufactured after August 2005. Please see TVR D0895 and TVR D0894 respectively. For TVR Sagaris please see TVR D0885. These shock absorbers can be upgraded with the part numbers TVR C0950, TVR C0951 and TVR C0952 to give height adjustable spring platforms and allow the suspension to be accurately set up to suit its use. The TVR D0939 shock absorber has also now superceded the TVR D0938 as fitted the the TVR Cerbera. For the TVR Cerbera application the correct springs are TVR D0117 dark green.

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