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TVR L0062


8mm fuel hose for a number of TVR applications. This is the 5/16" or 8mm id fuel hose sold by the metre. This is suited to a number of applications on TVRs, both fuel and oil. This fuel hose is now rated to the SAEJ30R9 specification which means it is a fully synthetic rubber hose suitable for fuel injection applications with the current range of fuels available at petrol stations including those with ethanol included. In addition this hose is suitable for diesel, oils and lubricants. SAEJ30R9 is a current very high specification for fuel hoses.

Also fits the following:

TVR Cerbera V8, TVR Cerbera Speed 6, TVR Chimaera, TVR Griffith, TVR S-Series S-S4 & V8S, TVR Sagaris, TVR T350, TVR Tamora, TVR Tasmin 280i-450i Wedge, TVR Tuscan, TVR Tuscan 2,

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