TVR Chimaera Parts - Wishbone bush (TVR C0200 PB)

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    TVR C0200 PB

    Wishbone bush

    Polybush upgrade of wishbone bush used in many applications on all recent TVRs up to the TVR Sagaris. Fits all front suspension wishbones and rear suspension wishbones and rear uprights on Chimaera and Griffith. The rear upper wishbone front bush for Chimaera and Griffith is part number TVR D0104. In total the Chimaera and Griffith use 20 TVR C0200 bushes in the suspension system. We do not recommend the use of polyurethane bushes on the rear mount of the upper front wishbones on the TVR Griffith and Chimaera due to the proximity of the exhaust manifolds. The heat from the exhaust manifolds is extreme and if the car is being used for reasonable distances the the bushes can suffer. Fits front of front upper wishbone and front lower wishbone, rear suspension upright and rear of upper rear wishbone on all Speed 6 and Cerbera engined cars. It is also used on the lower rear wishbone on early Cerberas. Thrust washer TVR C0192 is not used on with this bush, only with the standard TVR C0200.

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