TVR Chimaera Parts - Bush kit polyurethane, differential (TVR KIT128)

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    TVR KIT128

    Bush kit polyurethane, differential

    Polybush upgrade kit for the BTR differential fitted to all later cars. Griffith and Chimaera 1993 onwards and all other models to date; for durability, you need high tear resistance and the ability to withstand the slicing action of the differential as it twists together with the usual polyurethane benefits of long life, resistance to oils and fluids, and good insulating properties. These 2 piece bushes incorporate a thrust washer to spread the side loads. They are very easy to fit and do not need any special tools to fit however removing the original bushes may not be so easy. These bushes have been extensively tested and have given no trouble over extended mileages. This is a kit of 3 polybushes and a great price for this kit of bushes for the BTR differential, also fits Griffith and Chimeara with GKN diff, circa '93 on. Earlier cars with smaller bushes use R0055 PB

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