TVR T350 Electrical & Electronics - Alternator (TVR E2152)

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TVR E2152


To fit all TVR models except pre-serpentine Rover V8 engined cars. Please check pulley details prior to fitting as there has been some variance but this is the correct alternator for all the later TVRs. Speed 6 and AJP V8 models will need to reuse the original pulley. Replacement pulleys are nearly impossible to find but TVR Parts has just had a batch manufactured to help people in trouble.
If you have still have non charging issue after fitting a new alternator, it's worth checking that the alternator fuse has been checked as it's often overlooked. Location: RH engine mounting on Griffith and Chimaera, rear centre engine bay on AJP V8, R/H inner wing in Tuscan/Tamora/T350 and Sagaris. The part number for the fuse holder is TVR M0494 with a 100amp fuse (TVR M0615) or later card had a 125amp fuse (TVR M1960)

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