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In light of the upcoming coronation, let’s look back at King Charles III’s MGC GT, part of the Royal Family’s car collection for over 50 years.

The MGC GT was produced by MG from 1967 to 1969 and was a high-performance version of the MGB GT, powered by a 2.9-litre inline six-cylinder engine that produced 145 horsepower and 174lb-ft of torque. This allowed the car to accelerate from 0-60mph in around 9 seconds and reach a top speed of 120mph.

Easy to see why King Charles enjoyed the car for so long!

The MGC GT was available in a range of colours, including the classic British Racing Green, as well as red, blue, and white. Some models also featured a two-tone paint scheme, with a contrasting roof colour.

King Charles took possession of his Mineral Blue MGC GT shortly after his 18th birthday and was fitted with wire wheels, heated rear screen, electric aerial and car phone.

King Charles was known to be a big fan of sports cars and enjoyed driving the MGC GT on special occasions, which he did for more than 30 years before passing it along the line of succession to Prince William on his 17th birthday.

MG only produced around 4,500 units of this classic GT, making it a highly sought after classic sports car, prized for the styling and impressive performance as well as the historic connection to our new monarch. King Charles III’s now resides at Sandringham as part of the Royal Collection.

MG’s remain a favourite among our community and here at Motaclan we want to continue the legacy of these incredible pieces of engineering. For MG and other classic car parts, please visit the website or call at 0121 356 3003.

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