London Taxi

This beautifully customised London Taxi is the property of John DeRoy who owns a small, niche ‘wedding taxi’ business in Southern California, USA. John plans to add more cars to his fleet in 2023, but for the moment his business is reliant on this one vehicle, and as such maintaining it in proper running order at all times is crucial.

John states that Motaclan has been an instrumental part of this maintenance effort because of its extensive spares inventory, expedited shipping, reasonable costs, and overall level of service.

John says: ‘There have been many times when I have finished a weekend booking, taken the car to my mechanic on Monday, ordered requisite spares on Tuesday, received them on Thursday, and had them installed on Friday – just in time for the next booking the following day! These tight turnarounds would simply not be possible without Motaclan’s reliability!’.